Monday, August 29, 2005

jack and jill

saturday we took amy to the local library. since she gets to mess with shelves of books and play with tons of puzzles there, she enjoys it a lot.
this time, as usual, she just paced up and down in front of the board book shelf, and picked out all the blue ones, pretending that she can read. i watched her as she flipped through all the blue books, proudly announcing, "THE END!", feeling so proud that i am raising such a little geek.
then she did the geek-est thing. she suddenly picked one book which is not blue, yes, NON-BLUE BOOK! and run towards me. she stuffed the book in my hands and demanded me to read it to her. in the whole process, she kept yelling stuff.since she always talks to herself, i didn't really pay attention to the words coming out of her mouth. just as i looked down to the book, i suddenly realized she was actually yelling JACK AND JILL! JACK AND JILL! which is exactly the title of the book. my goodness! my almost-2-year-old can read. :D
of course i know she might have just remembered the book from her day care. but i still wanted to test her out. so i let her pick another book and asked her what it is. this time she only told me, BLUE~ i guess i was just having too high expectation for this little dork.



周末,我在厨房做饭,爸爸给她买了swing chair在安装,小人儿百无聊赖的捅了一会儿烤箱开关,就来拉我的手,"妈妈来抓你~".

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

excuse me


某天,小姨领着去洗手,途中经过坐在地上的爸爸,爸爸捣乱,拦着不让过,人家认真的说,excuse me, 爸爸。

又某天,妈妈说,咱们去穿衣服上学吧,其时正和爸爸看书,看妈妈不顺眼中,暴怒的说,NO!爸爸领着。爸爸说,爸爸领着,咱们走。人家临走不忘抱歉的说,excuse me, 妈妈。

Monday, August 22, 2005

quite a song-writer

recently, amy's song-writing includes:

mommy mommy jump up and down
babby babby jump up and down (bossy as usual)
knee knee knee knee jump up and down (would be tough to try)
toe toe toe toe jump up and down (more reasonable i'd say)
tummy tummy jump up and down (mission impossible)

where is babby?where is babby?
i don't know i don't know (very country-music-y)
is he in tina is he in tina (very contemperary, catchy. aka, i have no idea what she's talking about)
i don't know i don't know

where is amy where is amy
i don't know i don't know (song-writer/philosopher)


我的青春叛逆期持续时间比较长,马上就要中年了,仍然不爱听别人的.让我听莫扎特是吧?就不,我找gun and roses听听.哼哼.不爱听我也要听,要的就是这么个别扭劲儿. (ok, now i can't criticize amy's rebellion any more. there's always a downside to everything, even blog. damn it!)




pooping related


it's not my fault to write something like this. actually, i've been delaying this topic way too long. amy's almost 2 now. during the one year of this blog's existence, i didn't even once explicitly make pooping the major topic. to those who do have kids, this almost seems like a child-neglect case.
well, i am avoiding this topic mostly because my reluctance to potty train amy. my excuse is that she is not ready yet. the real reasons however, are, 1) we just got new carpet; 2) my mom's been onto this for about 2 years. right, ever since amy's born, she thought we should potty train her. and i am purposely not training amy to get onto my mom's nerve. boy, am i evil.

ok, now, seriously, amy's not ready. for the past 6 months, i've been teaching her to tell me if she pooped. she obeyed for about 2 weeks, then found it more interesting to answer NO! whenever i ask her if she's pooped. so the only way i can make her more comfortable is to check her diaper every now and then. and of course the fastest way is to pull the waistband of her pants and look down. i know i know, it's gross. but the other day i actually saw 3 parents do exactly the same thing at amy's gym. what a relief!

finally i am getting to the point. being a parents does make one cruely wordiness. :p

yesterday morning amy suddenly remembered she had a teddy bear. this is almost a miracle for a truck girl like amy. other than the time her auntie kathy's here, she never asked for her bear. but any way, she asked for it, so i went and fetched it for her. the minute she got the teddy bear, she turned it over and looked at its bottom, then very seriously asked, DID YOU POOP? TEDDY BEAR? before i could laugh out loud, she then answered, very troubled, OH! NO!I NEED TO CHANGE YOU. i gave her a wipe and a diaper, she then spent the next 30 minutes or so to clean up teddy bear and change it.

well, the fun did not just stop there. later on, i was lying on my tummy on the carpet while amy's running around with her car. suddenly she threw away her car, walked towards me, then pulled the waistband of my pants, looked down for a minute, and asked, DID YOU POOP? MOMMY? i shut her up before she could say OH NO I NEED TO CHANGE YOU.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

it's not just me

last time when i whined about amy's "terrible 2", people kept telling me that i was being too dramatic. now it's official, it's not just me. all of amy's caretakers consider her a uncontrollerable stubborn rebel. well, just like vicki said, she's not doing anything a normal 2 year old was not supposed to do. ok, someone please tell me what the heck that means, is it good? is it bad? i am all ears...

yesterday when i picked amy up, carla told me she has been acting out all day. she constantly tried to pull down her pants, spit up, throw things away. and whenever carla asked her to do something, she'd either say no or just pretend that she didn't hear her. carla even took her to the director, mrs. harriet to sort her out. and of course, unsuccessfully. this morning mrs harriet also talked with me about amy's behavior. she asked me to be very strict with her at home. :( i will certainly try.

to make it even worse, one of my friends at home told me this terrible 2 can last about ......
20 years. :(

Saturday, August 13, 2005


爸爸自然捧场的说,CRANE, CRANE。
这下子小人儿没话了,默默的想了一会儿,说,YELLOW CRANE TRACTOR, OK?



我家这只羊,嫌自己跑得慢能耐小,就喜欢看大型交通工具穿梭往返,所以搬家离幼儿园近了这个事实令其非常不满,至今仍然不承认BIG HOUSE就是家家,偶尔还会拉车库门要求回家。

羊的爸妈就是传说中的贱招儿,她要是要星星月亮妈妈就有改学天文物理的心思,要看车,又不是什么大不了的,自然千方百计的想满足,有钱的话大吊车推土机一 样儿我们家来仨,建筑工地就放后院儿俩。这不是没钱么,干脆,周末就拉出去遛遛,这,在油价日新月异的今天,也是完全有悖羊爸爸人生准则的。于是,上周 日,妈妈要出差,去机场,便成了小羊的重要娱乐项目。一路上指指点点,连跟妈妈说白白的瞬间都盯着BUS,心情愉快得一塌糊涂。

转过天来又是一个周末,羊她姨二番来访,她妈一训思,绑着小羊在后座去机场接人,既可以讨人家姨甥二人欢欣,又可以成功的使我们混迹CAR POOL,一石二鸟,还不多废油钱,如此这等的好事,怎么可以错过,于是从幼儿园抓出来就扔进了车里,往机场开去。

刚出门,往高速方向过去,途经小人儿GYM,人家在后面叶公好龙的喊,GYM GYM!真到了去GYM的时候就粘在妈妈身上了,这不是要去,人家倒认得路了,她妈妈只好装聋作哑。上了高速,马上要走上以前回家的老路了,人家又在后面 下命令,回家家!回家家!刚出门就要回家,你还 看不看大卡车了?别看年纪小,小同志倒是不傻,立刻收声看TRUCK。为娘的我在CAR POOL 里面开着,呼啸超过所有的龟行车们,心情自然也是愉快的一塌糊涂。机场机场你~真~好~~~~

毛主席是不是说过,你甭美,美得冒泡儿的时候前方就有沼泽地,或者类似的话?有道理。CAR POOL原来只有那么几迈啊,马上我也就开始了龟行。坏蛋也开始坑吃,偶像WIGGLES的歌曲每一首人家都指示,NO THIS 乐!换成BARNEY她干脆给我干嚎起来,NO~NO~回家家~回家家~我这儿心急如焚的OFFER饼干果汁苹果干儿书籍玩具积木块儿,告诉她看大吊车拖 拉机甚至臆想出来的猪马牛羊,全无效果,干脆扔手机给她。结果人家拿起来就像模像样的和她爸带着哭腔诉苦,HELLO!爸比!爸~~~~~~~比 ~~~~~司机我在前方听得一个头N个大~




Friday, August 05, 2005

terrible 2 初露端倪

要求穿blue diaper (little swimmer),喉儿老贵的,为娘的不许
要求穿blue shirt,买了三件库存,pick my battle,这个就准了吧

送去day care打两架:
坐在baba sit上面,玩儿收音机,方向盘,不肯去后座,拎起来扔过去,绑上,开始抽噎
看到大卡车,不抽了,两分钟,到达day care,又不肯下车了,因为没有看到bulldozer.告诉她,去找avery,好不?NOOOOO!那去找albert呢?勉强答应了,要求"拿着cracker",阿姨不许,又假哭三秒钟



Thursday, August 04, 2005

just being herself

the other day when i picked up amy from day care, avery walked up to her and held out her arms and said, give me a hug, amy!
amy furiously turned her head, and shouted, NOOOOOOOOOOOO!this is almost the 100th time i saw it happen, with different kids.sigh.
is being a "loner" in gene?i myself never feel comfortable holding hands with my girlfriends, even when i was little. even though i turn out to be an OK person, still wish she'd bemore open to others, given this IS us, not china :(

today i talked with vicki about this. vicki simply laughed and said, this is a good thing. it means she's AMY, she's herself, she's an individule, you know? she has her likes and dislikes. if she doesn't like to be touched, then other kids should learn to respect that...

even so, even so, i still wish she'd be more like jordan or lucia, who constantly drive other kids nuts by trying to hug them, or holding onto their hands.
probably this is one of the other typical mommy's no-use-worry thing.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005






第二次再去的时候,看见爸爸在大池子里面游,羡慕得口水都流出来了,扒着池子边儿说,amy in that one, amy in that one, AMY IN THAT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!妈妈只好抱着她过去,不干,手刨脚蹬得要求自己游,AMY PLAY HERSELF!!!!!!!!!胆子大得离了谱.


Monday, August 01, 2005


Originally uploaded by amyzmom.

周末小姨来了。小姨穿着五颜六色花枝招展的裙子,小姨有软软的可爱的teddy bear,小姨还随时随地都可以抱抱amy,amy要什么小姨立刻就给,连假哭都不用......


amy早上起来第一件事就是找teddy bear,找小姨。
some time i do think it is unfair for amy to grow up in a relative-less country. :(