Monday, February 28, 2005

Funny girl

Amy started to show her funny side recently, like walking funny with her body bended, or walking backwards into a wall and then say "ah-oh", or pretending she's kicking a ball while walking when there's no ball at all...Normally when i changed her into her sleepware, she'd know it's nap time and started to fuzz. Today when i did that, she started to pretend to cry, making funny noise, pretending she doesn't want to be changed and then gave me a sunny smile.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

wish i had the camera with me! - affectionate moment



Wednesday, February 23, 2005


The day before yesterday, amy had some reaction to the new antibiotics she's on, 3 diarrhea in a role. So the teacher had us pick her earlier and told us she had to stay home for more than 24 hours before she could go back again. We kept her home yesterday, which of course made my mom extremely happy and me extremely worried... I don't know why, i just can't trust my parents with amy. bad bad daughter i am!
Any way, i went back home to check on them around noon. My parents were busy cooking, so i had amy with me while i checked on my work online... Amy got really bored about the fact that i didn't really play with her like my parents did and wandered away. I was really happy that i can focus on my work until i heard her saying, mommy mommy! i turned around and found her lying on her pillow where we changed her regularly. She looked at me, pulling on her diaper and mumbling, poop poop... She started doing this a while ago... we were just too lazy to potty-train her yet. Any how, that's the signal she's pooped. So i threw away the key board and hurry to her to see if she had another diarrhea. Only i found out her diaper was totally dry! i looked up at her and she gave me this really proud and sneaky smile. Cheater! :D

Monday, February 21, 2005


幼儿园阿姨善意的以为我们是病了,其实哪里有,昨天恨不得吃了半张大饼。肚子都要爆炸了,一点病的样子都没有。就是GROSS而已。可以起名叫GROSSY GROSSMAN。哼哼。

Thursday, February 17, 2005


Yesterday when i was hurrying myself to get out of the apartment, amy was bugging me by handing me her finished bottle. So i impatiently told her, go give it to your daddy. After she happily run off to her daddy, i mummbled to myself, where the hell is my belt? 30 seconds later, i heard amy said thank you to her daddy and her daddy praised her for following mommy's instruction... but i still couldn't find my belt, i was like, damn it! then the little one just appeared out of no where, and proudly holding out her hand with her daddy's belt in it! I was so touched and so surprised and so proud of her at the same time~ It's just amazing how my little angel can turn a crazy morning into a sweetest memory.

Monday, February 14, 2005

All better now

Amy's all better and in day care today.
She has been longing for this day for a long time. During the weekend, everytime i took her out for a walk, she'd think we are going to daycare, then run to our car and call avory's name.
This morning the minute we walked in the day care, she saw polly and run off to her like she's her real mother. :p

Friday, February 11, 2005

Seems like roseola

today amy's dad noticed there are some rash on her tummy and legs. i am such an absent-minded mom! after talking with a couple of friends, i think it's roseola.will go to the clinic tomorrow, AGAIN.sigh... don't know when this is gonna end. amy's just catching one thing after another.

all these sickness has made amy extremely clingy, fuzzy, unreasonable, and totally spoiled! after my mom did the bed time routine for a couple of days, she even refused to sleep by herself! most of the time i don't know what to do with her. if i am too tough, i'd feel guilty cuz she might be experiencing some uncomfort... if i just let her control everything, i'd feel guilty, too. cuz that way she'd end up a self-centered kid!

like yesterday, my mom and i took her out for a short walk. she thew a tantrum for no reason at all (at least i didn't see any reason... but that might be it, it's my problem, i can't see... see? this is what's been going on in my mind all the time...i might as well just give up and go mad once and for all!). i dragged my mom away and left her lying in the middle of the jogging trail. after we made a slight turn and hid ourselves in some bushes, amy immediately jumpped up and tried to figure out where we are. it took her only a couple of second to see us. i thought she'd come and try catch up with us. but NO, she found a spot where she can see us and almost all the open area, and then sit back down again. my mom finally gave up and caved... if she didn't, i think i would, too, sooner or later...i just don't know how to fight this little fuzzyball any mroe.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

PLUS influenza B

sigh... i HATE this winter, HATE it HATE it HATE it.
Amy has been having fever since last saturday. i thought it was just the ear infection... (again, stupid stupid stupid, take a mental note, CALL THE PED!!!! doesn't matter if we just get back from his office or not). Until today, she's still having fever, i finally called the ped and found out she's got influenza B now. :(

Monday, February 07, 2005

Learnt a lot

Crazy busy recently. So let me just make a list of what amy learnt:

1. A couple of weeks after her daddy bought her a "number sorter", amy now can put all 10 numbers into the correct spot. She even made up a little game by herself. She'd try put the numbers into the wrong spots, and yelling "no" at the same time. After a couple of rounds like this, she'd then put them into the correct place and applaud.

2. After she pooped, she'd bring her diaper rash cream and wipes to the regular changing spot and lie down. When she has a runny nose, she'd point at her nose and ask us to wipe it for her.

3. You just can't cheat her. Today i was hiding in my room reading papers. My parents tried to distract her clingyness by telling her that i went to school. She immediately looked at my coat, my keys, and my shoes then protested her grandparents' lie by screaming MOMMY! MOMMY! furiously.

4. She can tell the difference between my parents' glasses. They are actually quite similar. And she insisted them putting the glasses on whenever she sees them cuz her daddy wears glasses all the time.

5. With a little help, she can drink from an adult bottle by herself.

First Ear Infection

This winter seems endless and hopeless to me. Ever since amy moved to the young toddler room, she has been sick. Out of the 40 some days, there might be 4 or 5 days that she's healthy, other than that, it's either her nose is running or she's coughing all the time. Now, she finally got her first ear infection. I have been dreaded for this day to come. Well... fear just stops things, doesn't it?

It's her teacher who urges us to take amy to her ped. We were really reluctant to do so cuz A) amy hates the office, and B) every time the ped just sent us home with a prescription of "more fluid". Vicky insisted from day 1 that this time is different cuz the discharge from amy's nose is thick and greenish. But since amy didn't have a fever, i just refused to listen (sigh, stupid! stupid! stupid! take a mental note: WHATEVER VICKY SAYS, DO IT!). Up until last thursday, when vicky and the other teach, kristina, were both sick, I suddenly realized how serious the virus is this time around. So before i left for the new faculty consortium, i arranged my husband to take amy to the ped. Guess what, she got ear infection!

The fever didn't come until the day before yesterday. And it hasn't stopped yet. It come and goes. With very bad appetite, Amy is still energetic, though, running around and making messes every where. Yesterday she managed to pull out a pile of newspaper my dad hid under the coffee table and read every single page of it...So i am not that worried.

I just can't believe how stupid i was. And, please, please, let this pass, SOON!