Saturday, June 11, 2011

How I got my Ears Pierced --- by Amy Zhang and Mommy

This is me, Amy, getting my ears pierced at Claire's ( I also just got a haircut. Do you like it?).

I am seven and half, almost eight. I always wanted my ears to be pierced because my mommy has a lot of pretty earrings. But I was super scared because mommy told me they would have to poke a hole on my earlobe, and I think it HURTS! Mommy also told me that they would have to shoot the earrings into my earlobe. That sounds SUPER PAINFUL.
At my ballet dance recital, Ms. Geralyn said we need to wear white crystal earrings. So mommy got me some clip-ons. But my clip-ons kept falling. That's when I decided I have to get my ears pierced. Plus, Mommy's birthday is coming up.  I want to give mommy a gift. Since she really wants me to get my ears pierced, I am giving her the gift of that!

And this picture was taken on mommy's birthday, as planned.

On that day, the people at Claire's showed me how it's done on a cute teddy bear (You can see that teddy bear in my arms in this picture). It looked as scary and painful as I thought. So I told mommy I wanted to think about it.
We left the store and went to another store to check out clothes. When we were looking at all those dresses, I can't stop thinking about it. And I asked mommy,
"How much does it hurt?"
Then I pinched her ears and asked her again,
 " Does it hurt that much?"
Mommy replied,
"It hurts this much!" pinching my ears really hard.
I thought, that was not too bad. So I told mommy,
Mommy took me back to Claire's and they let me pick which kind of earrings they would use to shoot into my earlobes. There are a lot of beautiful earrings to choose from, I was CONFUSED! Eventually, I picked a daisy with rainbow colors. They sparkle very beautifully.

Before the nice lady shoot my earlobes, she used some alcohol swab to clean up everything, including the marker she used to mark my ears ( you can see the purple dot in the picture). That's when I got SUPER SCARED AGAIN. The nice lady said I could hold on to teddy, hug him really really tight. When she shot my earrings in, I screamed,
On the other ear I did the same thing, maybe even louder.

(By the way, Mommy forgot her camera at home. She had to ask some random person in the store to help us take these pictures. Mommy is crazy about pictures.)

Mommy and I were really excited after all these were done.At that time my ears didn't hurt any more. It felt like a MIRACLE! I looked into a mirror and stared at myself for a LONG time. I look SO BEAUTIFUL with those colorful sparkly earrings. I am VERY GLAD that I did this even though I thought I could never do this!

That is my story, and here are more pictures of me with my new earrings. Thank you for reading.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

与小儿辩tooth fairy的存在性儿

闲闲的问,Mommy, is Tooth Fairy for real?
啊!当然是真的了! --- 我这人好像没有什么道德观念 跟大人跟小孩儿撒谎都是手到擒来自然而然
But I thought Fairies don't exist.
为毛为毛为毛? --- 好像有点儿演过了哈。
what 毛? Fairies don't have 毛。
YOU TOLD ME!!!!  --- 靠!
When I said when I grow up, I want to be a fairy, you said there's no such thing. ---我滴那个苍~天~啊~~~
啊马迷的意思是说你不可能突然变成fairy。而且tooth fairy跟你说的fairy也不是一码事啊 ---我就说吧扯谎说瞎话我是行家。
It's you. You gave me money. --- 晴天霹雳~ 虽然tooth fairy这活儿不好干,总共小盆友就掉了十颗牙我硬是忘了两回。 可是小盆友如果就酱紫长大了就酱紫现实了,tooth fairy就酱紫下岗了,那还是非~常~的悲哀。
我才不给你钱捏!我凭什么啊!我又不要你的牙。 --- 怎样?不服不行吧?转脸儿就来啊我是。
That's right. You NEVER give me money,even after I do chores. 匆匆忙忙跑去记账的黑板查了一下,you owe me FIVE dollar and fifty cents!